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About Bark Balls

Bark Balls was created by Natalie Ball in inspiration of her pup, Tilly Ball. Tilly is a fetching lover - ball is life! But she was constantly losing her balls and buying new ones became expensive.


Natalie and Tilly also noticed a lot of old tennis balls left behind in parks, trails, etc, feeling sad for our environment and for tennis balls that could either be repurposed to other fetch lovers or recycled properly. 

Combining their love for fetch, the outdoors, and the environment, Bark Balls was born. Bark Balls mission is to give a "bark" about the environment by partnering with local tennis centers to collect used tennis balls that can be repurposed for your dog's fetch loving play. Instead of buying new tennis balls that cut down more tree "bark," Bark Balls provide the gift of affordability, reducing waste, and saving our environment. It is time we #giveaBARK about the environment while loving our furry friends' fetch habits. 

Additionally, when you purchase Bark Balls, you have the opportunity to donate back to your local community, the environment, or animal shelters. Part of our proceeds go strengthening these community connections. 

Nothing is more fetch than saving the environment, and your wallet, all while giving back and keeping our communities safe and healthy. 

Natalie & Tilly Ball
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